The Chinese Angle

“This homage to everything noir is all about dames in broad-shouldered suits and cinched-waist dresses who strut and preen around the small stage looking for trouble. These ladies capture the spirit of a good noir whodunit by spitting out their insults like two-day-old chewing gum and staring down any man who tries to get in their way.”
– Molly Rhodes, SF Weekly

“When you get a flash of insight, a skewed view on a situation, that’s a Chinese angle, in the lexicon of hardboiled, dark or noir fiction. Two trench-coated detectives (Denise Polt as Violet, a tough-as-nails ex-cop, and Eleanor Mason Reinholdt as her younger girlfriend Sydney) trail a jaded socialite Ellen (Hannah Knapp, carefully and effectively acting innocent) who is attempting to seduce a wealthy young stud to alleviate her gambling debts…There are some Perry Mason style courtroom moments as the facts come out, but the story is completely coherent and comes to a satisfying conclusion.The actors play broadly outlined characters with a convincing emphasis on the radio-mystery style.”
– Albert Goodwyn, SF Bay Times