Force of Nature

Winner 2015 Best of Fringe Winner 2015 Sold Out Award (all performances sold out) Sara K. on September 24, 2015 at 11:27 pm said: On one level, this is a story about deciding whether or not to have a child, and then the process of trying to have a child while having doubts about whether Read Entire Article


“Reinholdt does an excellent job as Mama, the main focus of the play. She conveys the character’s intelligence, sympathy and determination, as well as her flaws, frustrations and mistakes, with conviction and sympathy.” – Elizabeth Warnimont, The Benicia Herald “…this, in the hands of director Clive Worsley and his wonderful cast, creates a rip-roaring production Read Entire Article


“Beardo’ rides pretty high on its impressionistic scenes and Malloy’s enticing score. The quintet and Davaran provide expert accompaniment. The voices ring true in every song … the effect is nothing less than magic.” – Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle “‘Beardo’ might be the edgiest production ever mounted by Shotgun Players.” – Rachel Swan, Read Entire Article

The Secretaries

“high – and low- camp fun, laced with some (literally) biting shock”– Robert Hurwitt, The SF Chronicle “a gleefully inappropriate bit of feminist satire that feels like the love child of John Waters and Valerie Solanas…Eleanor Mason Reinholdt proves scarily endearing as the deceptively mincing, food-obsessed Peaches“– Rob Avila, SF Bay Guardian “a swaggering production Read Entire Article

Durang Me

“…two of Durang’s one act plays, The Actor’s Nightmare (directed by Gabriel Ross) & Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You (directed by Daunielle Rasmussen) are performed with humor and glee. … Reinholdt was flawless as Diane. Her performance was nothing short of amazing.“– Percival Arcibal, “Eleanor Mason Reinholdt gave a great performance Read Entire Article

The Threepenny Opera

“not to be missed.” – Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle “it’s definitely timeless.”– Rachel Swan, East Bay Express “entirely entertaining on a gut level – funny, shocking, intense – Martin’s interpretation cleaves quite close to Brecht’s deconstruction of the conventions of traditional theater.”– Sam Stander, The Daily Californian “The play, full of contradictions, is funny. Read Entire Article

The Seagull

“Masha’s mother Polina is also a certifiably desperate housewife, despising her stolid husband, and longing for a permanent union with her lover Dorn, the local doctor. Consumed with jealousy over his attentions to Arkadina, she is by turns a hectoring nag, a coaxing siren, and finally a pathetic beggar for his exclusive love. Realizing that Read Entire Article

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Helena, played by Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, is an endearing romantic, her longing for Demetrius honest and heartfelt.”– Leeanne Jones, Diablo Magazine “[A] memorable high-energy tale of romance and fairy meddling. The show is remarkably well cast across a wide age range, with some wonderfully innovative character interpretations that give many roles…a fresh, new look.”– Pat Read Entire Article

The Odd Couple (Female Version)

“This is one of the more entertaining shows in the area…I was indeed fortunate to attend the Town Hall Theatre Company’s brilliant production of “The Odd Couple (female version)”, directed by Clive Worsley. In some ways, I enjoy the female version of “The Odd Couple” even more than the male version. My sense is that Read Entire Article

The Chinese Angle

“This homage to everything noir is all about dames in broad-shouldered suits and cinched-waist dresses who strut and preen around the small stage looking for trouble. These ladies capture the spirit of a good noir whodunit by spitting out their insults like two-day-old chewing gum and staring down any man who tries to get in Read Entire Article

Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

“…Reinholdt goes even further and finds a damaged, compassionate soul under Sissy’s bravado.”– Chad Jones, The Oakland Tribune

Vagina Dentata

“The ensemble of talented women works together seamlessly….(and) completing the superb cast, Stefanie Goldstein and Eleanor Reinholdt create duly complex portrayals.” – Tom W. Kelly, SF Bay Times

Planet Janet

“Now it is notable that Jan is sometimes interested only in sex, and not necessarily in waxing on and on about how she wishes she were in a dream-come-true relationship, and for this departure from the single-woman stereotype I am truly grateful. She is a natural aggressor, and this is fun to watch. Also, Mason, Read Entire Article

Young Zombies in Love (original production in January 2001)

“Emerald Rain’s new rock musical Young Zombies in Love is a lot deeper than it first appears. Under the frothy songs and teenagers-in-love-fighting-the-zombie-menace pyrotechnics, there’s a lot going on – about dependency in relationships, addiction, and the willing blindness that manifests in groups… As a parable of teen angst, this play is right on the Read Entire Article

All in the Timing

“…the audience laughed…often hysterically, from the first of the six playlets … the first story, ‘Sure Thing’ stars Eleanor R. Mason and Tom Woosnam. …the last piece, ‘The Universal Language’ is a marvel of memory work for two actors, again Mason and Woosnam, as they explore a phone new universal language called Unamunda until they Read Entire Article

Crimes of the Heart

“All three actresses take control in their roles…as glamorous sister Meg, Eleanor R. Mason maintains her character’s fast-life facade, but at the same time exposes her weaknesses and vulnerability at just the right moments.” – Leslie Katz, The Oakland Tribune

The Desk Set

“…Emmerac, the dreaded new computer, gets its proper comeuppance under the guidance of the latest staff addition, Miss Warriner, (Eleanor R. Mason) whose comedic talent gets a workout with her specialty: a laugh that ends as a hiccup. There were some audience titters when Mason doubled as Elsa, the sexy blonde who vamps poor Sumner Read Entire Article