The Seagull

“Masha’s mother Polina is also a certifiably desperate housewife, despising her stolid husband, and longing for a permanent union with her lover Dorn, the local doctor. Consumed with jealousy over his attentions to Arkadina, she is by turns a hectoring nag, a coaxing siren, and finally a pathetic beggar for his exclusive love. Realizing that this is impossible, she is reduced to pleading that at least he spend time with other women where she cannot see him. Once again, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt (the feisty Helena in “Dream”) wrings our hearts with sympathy for her middle-aged misery.
– Susan Steinberg, The Independent (July 2009)

“…an evening of electric theater, especially with such a seasoned troupe of professionals….California ConservatoryTheater’s (Eleanor) Mason Reinholdt bows as the passionate Polina with Richard Reinholdt as her earthy husband. The brilliant ensemble company will bring this seminal classic to vibrant life for only one
– Susan Steinberg, The Independent (November 2008)