The Secretaries

“high – and low- camp fun, laced with some (literally) biting shock”
– Robert Hurwitt, The SF Chronicle

“a gleefully inappropriate bit of feminist satire that feels like the love child of John Waters and Valerie Solanas…Eleanor Mason Reinholdt proves scarily endearing as the deceptively mincing, food-obsessed Peaches
– Rob Avila, SF Bay Guardian

“a swaggering production in the tiny space, awash in manically fun performances… Eleanor Mason Reinholdt is the sweetly woebegone Peaches, whose job is always on the line because her secret snacking threatens to push her into a forbidden dress size.”
– Richard Dodds, The Bay Area Reporter

“…this social satire, written by an all female women’s collective, features a tremendous ensemble of five Bay Area actresses…. For some high camp, over-the-top social satire and explicitly pleasant dĂ©colletage, The Secretaries is the show to see!”
– Linda Ayres-Frederick, San Francisco Bay Times

“Nothing could be further removed from Albin’s drag sensitivity and ideas about maternal love than the Crowded Fire Theatre Company’s production of The Secretaries, the hilarious and bloodthirsty farce written by The Five Lesbian Brothers. As directed by Marissa Wolf, this estrogen-infused stage farce focuses on five deeply conflicted women sharing an office in Big Bone, Oregon.”
– George Heymont, The Huffington Post / My Cultural Landscape

“It is a beautifully choreographed work of art that combines superb acting, synchronized movement, song and dance into a mesmerizing 90 minutes of social commentary.”
– Lynn Ruth Miller, For All Events