The Threepenny Opera

“not to be missed.”
– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“it’s definitely timeless.”
– Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

“entirely entertaining on a gut level – funny, shocking, intense – Martin’s interpretation cleaves quite close to Brecht’s deconstruction of the conventions of traditional theater.”
– Sam Stander, The Daily Californian

“The play, full of contradictions, is funny. It’s also dark and scary, and it’s political”
– Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times

“defiantly rude, provocatively crude, and wonderfully lewd”
– George Heymont,

“must-see, darkly-brilliant … staged with raw, seductive power by Susannah Martin … This production of The Threepenny Opera is worth every cent, and a whole lot more.”
– Mike Ward, SF Bay Times

“I found the culture clash compelling. The tensions between the acting, text and setting made me sit up and listen more carefully. I wasn’t bored for a moment. Weill and Brecht came to life.”
– Chloe Veltman, liesliketruth

“if you love epic theater or punk rock or you just need to get your bearing on the whole Wall Street imbroglio, get thee to Shotgun.”
– Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News

“An Inventive Production of The Threepenny Opera”
– Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway