Young Zombies in Love (original production in January 2001)

“Emerald Rain’s new rock musical Young Zombies in Love is a lot deeper than it first appears. Under the frothy songs and teenagers-in-love-fighting-the-zombie-menace pyrotechnics, there’s a lot going on – about dependency in relationships, addiction, and the willing blindness that manifests in groups… As a parable of teen angst, this play is right on the money… Young Zombies also answers a burning question that a thousand B-flicks have failed to address, namely, how do zombies kill the time they have on their cold, pale hands? …. Composer Gaby Alter has done a bang-up job on the music… Young Zombies may not be deathless theater – it’s clearly meant for a young audience – but it’s cute, funny, and well-made. ”
– Lisa Drostova, East Bay Express